How to decrease the cost for Index Seek Operation

SaiKarthik Chandra 2018-02-16 14:58:33

Here, Index Seek is taking high Resource. need suggestions.

Hugo Kornelis 2018-02-17 10:42:13
There are two issues with your posted plan tha tprevents people from helping you find the issues:

  1. It is an anonymized plan. I often think the anonymization feature of Plan Explorer is a bit TOO good, because it hides really EVERYTHING. Which means there is very little left to give feedback on. Only in th emost obvious cases can an anonymized plan still give good information.
  2. It is an estimated plan. To see why a query really runs slow, it is very important to look at both actual and estimated row numbers, not at estimated only because a lot of performance problems are actually due to mismatches between estimate and actual.

Please post an actual plan. And please do not anonymize it, unless you work for an organization that really absolutely requires this level of sensitivity. (And in that case, the cost of that protection is less effective help here)