Issues with Live Query Profile

rrankins 2017-03-05 20:38:06

I'm working with the latest version of plan explorer (version 3.0 build and I'm having an issue with live query stats. I have the option enabled, but they are not always showing, especially if what I am executing is a stored procedure.
Also, sometimes when I run just a set of SQL Statements and get the live query plan, if I try to replay it or anything, it just disappears and the query plan goes away as well.

Anybody else having similar issues with the Live Query profile?

BTW – running in Windows 10 64 bit against SQL Server 2014 SP1 server.

Aaron Bertrand 2017-03-07 00:55:35
For the first issue, this is often because the statements did not run long enough to capture runtime statistics on periodic intervals. Can you share a plan that shows this? For the second case, I don't know of any scenario where things just disappear. Again, can you provide a file that displays this symptom, and some explicit repro steps? You can e-mail them to me at