What affect does excess whitespace, etc. have on SQL and on Network traffic

Shaggie 2016-11-13 01:06:10

There has been some debate at our office about whether whitespace such as spaces and carriage returns, and other unrequired text e.g. comments, have an effect on SQL performance and on network traffic.
This is specifically about SQL commands (select, update, insert, alter table, etc.) that are not precompiled and are created on the fly by the connected application.
It is the belief of some that unneeded text with larger commands will cause additional network packets to be transmitted.
The question is when does that start happening and how much affect does that have on SQL server.
Obviously additional network packets will delay others from sending information to SQL Server until the network is free, since a network connection can only talk to one device at a time. In addition, the more applications communicating on the network to the SQL Server like this, the greater the stress on the network.
Assume a 1 GB network connection and a single network connection to the SQL Server.
Vlady Oselsky 2016-11-14 19:53:47
Shaggie 2016-11-14 20:32:15
I saw that which is what prompted me to post this.
This is different from that article due to the fact that this asks about network effects and does NOT use stored procedures.
Vlady Oselsky 2016-11-14 21:10:11
Let me make sure I understand this correctly. Some front-end application is generating ad-hoc SQL Code that includes comments and extra lines and etc that are part of SQL Command that is being transmitted to SQL Server?
Shaggie 2016-11-15 02:43:09
That is correct
Shaggie 2016-11-25 02:28:20
Yes that is correct.
(I know I already replied as it shows in my RSS feed, but it is not showing on the site from what I can see)