how to improve the query

omranabd 2016-09-28 18:05:29

Aaron Bertrand 2016-09-28 18:14:49
Hi Omran, there is not much insight to offer with what you've provided. We don't see anything here except the fact that there is an insert/select followed by a select. The plan was run in Management Studio, then opened in Plan Explorer, then anonymized. For best results we recommend getting the actual plan in Plan Explorer (we get a lot more runtime metrics and other useful data this way), and if you absolutely need to anonymize, please update to the latest release of Plan Explorer. The early iterations of this feature often just changed queries to "StatementN" which we can't examine at all, while newer versions properly tokenize statements so we can have some clue what they are doing. But for the most useful dialog, again unless you absolutely need to obfuscate table names etc., it's better to be talking back and forth about IX_Person_LastName on Person.Person rather than Index11 on Object4 (which requires a lot of translation).