Updating SQL Server 2012 RTM to SP3

Saketh.K 2016-07-15 10:16:20

Greetings Everyone, I would like to know some answers for below questions,

Let me go through my environment, we have a production server in Cluster Active-Passive node and it is SQL Server 2012 RTM installed no SP applied till date.

1) Can we update SQL Server2012 RTM to SP3 without applying SP1 & SP2?
2) Do we need to apply SP on both active and passive nodes? or only active node is enough by making it passive?
3) can you please suggest me any blog or link for reference to update sp3 on clustered nodes of SQL server.

I look forward for an early answer,

Thanks to SQLperformance helping me all the times.

SQLSaurus 2016-07-15 10:36:11
This is an FAQ on SQL Server updates from sqlserverupdates.com:


This is a guide on patching clusters from MSDN:


Between these two, you should have the answers you are looking for.

Saketh.K 2016-07-16 03:28:20
Thanks for the answer Saurus, do we need to stop SQL Services before we apply Service Pack on passive node in cluster by moving all the cluster roles and host to other node.