How to monitor Worker Threads in Performance Advisor

Dan Stef 2016-03-31 07:38:05

We are using SQL Sentry Client as a trial at the moment. We are quit happy with that tool and what it all offers, but we would like to monitor the worker threads (and maybe some other values from some dm_ views).

Normally worker threads are not something we need to monitor, but recently we ran into some issues, where the worker count was higher than the max worker count. Thanks to SQL Sentry we were able to find the issue, but so far it is not solved. Therefore we would like to see them on the dashboard with the historical data and how it changed over time..

We added a Custom Condition to query sys.dm_os_schedulers to monitor the "current_workers_count" and display it in the "Activity" and in the "Waits" chart. But this only alerts us, when the value is exceeded, but does not show, how it progresses..

Is it somehow possible to add the worker count to the dashboard?

Thank you for your help.

George 2016-03-31 16:30:26
Hi Dan,

In order to assist you in an efficient manner, can you please submit a support ticket to Please make sure to reference this post when submitting the ticket.