What are the minimal rights needed to see the Wait Stats tab in Plan Explorer Pro?

Calvin Jones 2016-02-24 21:32:00

Aaron Bertrand 2016-02-24 21:46:55
When you're opening a plan that has already captured Wait Stats (as in the example you uploaded), permissions aren't involved at all – I downloaded your plan and was able to view the data on the Wait Stats tab without issue.

When you're generating an actual plan, the way that Plan Explorer captures wait statistics for your batch is with a targeted Extended Events session. So, the login accessing the SQL Server must be able to create that session. This requires CONTROL SERVER on SQL Server 2008 / 2008 R2, ALTER ANY EVENT SESSION on 2012+, and of course is not possible on <= 2005. If the user lacks the permissions necessary to create an Extended Events session, they will not see a Wait Stats tab.

Calvin Jones 2016-02-25 13:35:42
Thank you. I am the first SQL Server Database Engineer hired by my company. My main responsibility is performance tuning and optimization. I am working with the DBA team to come up with a set of minimum permissions so that I don't need the sysadmin role.