Want to create "work" timeframe for view and baseline

Erickson Winter 2016-01-13 17:04:58

I can easily change the timeframe in the date/time picker and create a baseline as well for a given time range, but it would be real handy to define custom timeframes for quickly doing this (certain servers time range would be 8a-5p, others it would be 6a-12p-6p-12a, and so forth)

I also would find this useful for questions where the customer wishes to only look at stats during work hours (i.e. avg disk IO is x/ms), but to do this for say a week requires me to adjust the clock 7 times (or 5 for only the work week)

Seems like I'm probably just missing something.

Aaron Bertrand 2016-01-14 14:19:59
I am certain you can get an answer here, but for better visibility to our support team, I suggest you post your question at answers.sqlsentry.com.
JamesB 2016-01-18 14:39:53
Hello, Erickson.

Thank you for your interest. My recommendation is to submit a feature request for this functionality via our community support site here.

The community support site provides our users with the opportunity to post and vote on the features they would like to see incorporated into new versions of SQL Sentry, and it is monitored by our product development team.