Specific query block our invoice process

Jesper Hansen 2015-12-15 15:43:46

Hi SQL Performance

Specific query block our invoice process – please see plan attatched.

If we set the "Auto Update Statistics" to "True" fpr this DB (or reboot SQL) this works for some time, but we would like to find the root cause.

This has started happening without any AX code changes, but after a move to a new SQL server.

Aaron Bertrand 2015-12-28 15:59:47
Hi Jesper, did you consider the missing index recommended in the plan? Also, could you provide an actual post-execution plan generated from within Plan Explorer? All of your estimates are 1 and it'd be good to see if any operators have incorrect estimates (as well as see runtime metrics). Also since every value of A.DATAAREAID is the same by definition, why is it in the ORDER BY?