Component running slow

SQLDB 2015-10-05 14:54:15


Attached query is running slow , approx 3.5 hours on one of our reporting server running:

SQL server 2005, with 10 GB of RAM, on win 32 bit 2003 with AWE enabled.

This would be the enterprise edition.

Database in question where query is being run is 180 GB data +150 GB indexes.

Therefore i am trying to figure indexes sitting out there if that worthy of that size, are they good enough to be so, as still the query runs very slow.

Please help for any suggestion on how should i go ahead with tuning this.


Aaron Bertrand 2015-10-08 19:16:37
Please go to Help > Check for Updates and make sure you anonymize your plan using the latest build of Plan Explorer (which allows us to see the query text as well). Also, please update statistics on all involved tables, since it seems that SQL Server estimated close to one million rows but returned less than 2000. Not that you can hope for a lot – with only 10 GB of RAM available on a 32-bit OS, there will almost always be significant battles for memory resources, shuffling 330 GB of data…