I need to optimize the query ,any suggestion s is welcome

MiltonF 2015-07-15 14:45:57

Currently the query is running for 15 secs

sdyckes 2015-07-15 18:57:36
You have anonymized the plan with an older version of Plan Explorer, which strips all statements to avoid revealing private information. Please generate a new plan with an updated version of Plan Explorer which can be downloaded here, or upload a new, non-anonymized version of the plan. This will provide additional details for analysis.

What I do see is the large discrepancy of estimated vs actual rows on both Object1 and Object2 in the Statement portion. This can indicate out of date statistics. There are several objects displaying a variance of estimated vs actual resulting in the overall different highlighted by the tool on Object2.

Additionally, there are 15 Hash Match operations occurring, some of those may be candidates for improvement with a covering index.