What kind of questions can I ask here, and how does the site work?

Aaron Bertrand 2013-02-11 17:37:12

I came across this site and I was wondering what kind of questions are on-topic here? Also how do plan uploads work?

Aaron Bertrand 2013-02-11 17:45:59
While this site's primary functionality was designed with SQL Sentry Plan Explorer customers in mind, to assist them in diagnosing troublesome execution plan issues, the truth is that we (and others in the community) welcome any performance-related questions here, and will do our best to help solve them.

As a demonstration of how plan uploads specifically will work, you'll notice the question above has an execution plan attached (in Plan Explorer's .pesession format). I created this question by first uploading a plan from within Plan Explorer. You can download the plan, open it in Plan Explorer, and see that the toolbar will show a link to this question. If this were a real question, Paul White (blog | @SQL_Kiwi) would have probably already answered, telling me why my CROSS JOIN is so inefficient. 🙂

Note that this functionality is fully supported in both Plan Explorer FREE and Plan Explorer PRO. I provided some more details about the feature and the site in a recent blog post.