Plan explorer shows query columns but no index properties instead message: Unable to determine the SQLServer associated with the active content

Mischa Simonis 2015-03-15 14:18:38

We have a SQL Sentry, Enterprise license and a seperate Plan explorer pro license which was purchased before the Enterprise license. When I start the plan explorer pro from the addin in SSMS and in the seperate tool it tells me my license is not complete enough to see the index properties.

I therefore unsinstlled the addin and seperate plan explorer. Now I only run the plan explorer from the client and it just won't work…


I am the only user. My Sql Sentry client seems to work fine on other areas and I also receive emails on my alerts. The SQLServer instance I'm connecting to is using SQLServer authorisation and I logon from the client with the sa username and password.

I hope you can help asap…

kind regards,

Mischa Simonis

Aaron Bertrand 2015-03-16 19:20:18
What is the version of Plan Explorer you are running (Help | About)?
JasonRHall 2015-03-16 19:24:18
Hi Mischa,

The viewing of index properties is actually not available in the stand-alone version of Plan Explorer at all. The message about licensing is just telling you that you need to use the integrated version of Plan Explorer in the SQL Sentry client to use that feature.

If something isn't working in the integrated version, you should email SQL Sentry support using support at, or post a support ticket from