Displaying more info on dealocks (newb)

mark_anderson_us 2013-09-30 15:30:56

Hi Guys

My XDL file contains way more info that I can see in the graph in Explorer Pro, some of which is REALLY useful, like:

(@P1 datetime,@P2 datetime,@P3 int,@P4 int,@P5 int,@P6 int)INSERT INTO dbo.RevenueIn ( [DocketRef], [Source], [SiteCode], [DocketDate],
[PostedDate], [PreparedBy], [Description], [SalesInvoice], [Actual], [InvNo], [InvRef], [JobNo], [Qty], [Value], [CreatedBy],
[ProvisionCleared], [BatchRef], [DocType] ) VALUES ( 'GPJ134772_IC_5640_2', 'IC', 'SC', @P1, @P2, 'TechniqueRevenueImport',
'Invoice_Job-J134772', @P3, @P4, 'J134772_IC_5640', 'J134772_IC_5640', 'J134772', @P5, 4052.03, 'TechniqueRevenueImport', @P6, 'IC_I_0913_378',
'I' )

select * from "Live_Connect"."dbo"."RevenueIn"

Is there a way to get this info to display? Helping to analyse casue of deadlocks was the primary reason we purchase Explorer Pro



arvindravish 2013-09-30 15:37:40
Just open the file with plan explore pro. You will be able to visualize the deadlock graph
mark_anderson_us 2013-09-30 16:22:27
Is see the graph, but key info, like the actual SQL is missing